He had risked it all for her. She didn’t understand it and maybe she never would. After everything that they’d been - after everything she’d done he still cared more about her, than himself. And she didn’t get it. 

Neverland had been dark, darker than dark. They’d been forced to face their pasts in ways that none of them had every imagined and maybe that was why he’d done this. Why he let himself almost die for her son. Not his, Henry had nothing to do with him except… He was a hell of a lot like Hook in a lot of regards. One being that both had gotten under her skin within twenty-four hours of knowing her. 

Maybe that was what drew her in when she was around Hook. It had taken almost a year to let Henry in - maybe Hook was hoping his time would come and she’d let her walls down.

But now he laid, unconscious, in a hospital bed before her. Machines hummed and beeped, signalling new medicine being introduced into his IV drip, letting her know that his heart was still beating. She’d almost lost Henry in this very same room - she wasn’t about to lose him too. Not after he sacrificed it all for her. 

"You’ve got to wake up." Emma said, her brows knitting in concern as she reached for the pirate’s good hand, careful of the IV and the bruising around his knuckles. He’d fought hard. Barely survived.