funny thing about hurt people is they tend to hurt people



Yes, someone has actually taken the time to set up a Regina rape denial blog. And as they are posting these in the RP tags, it appears that they are probably a role player. They haven’t had the guts to reblog onto their own blog yet though.

They are also posting without trigger warnings so I would suggest blocking them completely if that is an issue for you. I have asked them to tag triggers but so far have not had a response.

And to re-iterate what I said yesterday, if you reblog these, or RP with anyone that does, I will unfollow and drop our threads. I want as many degrees of separation as possible between me and these people.

my personal blog

// yo you should follow this cool chick her personal is fly

// people should send glasscoffingavemepause and poison-apple-prince love cause they haven’t been on those two accounts in 2-3 days.

// So a senior in my favorite class this semester died last night. I didn’t know him personally, but obviously we were in the same class room for an hour, three times a week, for almost four months.

I do know that he was a sweet, polite, and incredibly smart guy. He held the door open for me this week, I thanked him. Those were the only words I have said to him. 

Very sobering. 


Captain Hook / Killian Jones + In front of his crew and in front of Emma Swan… (◡‿◡✿)


Ah yes, the Savior. You could always give that up you know? You would just need to forget about everyone and move far, far away.


Truth be told, she’d thought about leaving a dozen times. It would be so easy for her and Henry to pack up and leave and never look back. But that wasn’t something Pan needed to know. “I have a feeling that’s not something I can escape.”


Have you considered not making so many enemies then?


"It’s not my fault that I’m the Savior and that everyone seems to have it out for my family."

"Always having to look over your shoulder is getting old."


"It’s not you,” he assured her softly. “It’s me, and I— I can’t tell you.” Not yet. Not until he knew how to handle this… Of course, Killian was well aware that he needed to make a choice soon. It was either kiss her or… well, the alternative was something he didn’t want to think about. “I’m sorry.”

Her brows shot upwards, wondering if ‘it’s not you it’s me’, meant the same thing in the Enchanted Forest as it did here in the real world. “Oh.” She said, a little more effected than she wanted to sound. “It’s fine,” Emma said with a roll of her shoulders.